Select Membership Categories Who Can Become Member?
1 Gold Category
Small Enterprises
(Turnover upto Rs. 50 cr)
All Kinds of Small sized Enterprises, Start-Ups, Young & Women Entrepreneurs, Professional and Business services.
2 Platinum Category
Medium sized Enterprises
(Turnover from Rs. 50 cr to 250 cr)
All Kinds of Medium sized Enterprises, Start-Ups, Young & Women Entrepreneurs, Professional and Business services
3 Mid - Corporate Category
Mid - Corporate Enterprises
(Turnover from Rs. 250 cr to Rs 500 cr)
All Kinds of Mid-Corporate Enterprises
4 Corporate Category
(Turnover from Rs. 500 cr and above)
All Kinds of Corporate, MNCs, Manufacturing, Realty, Finance, Insurance, PSUs, Banking, Education, Infrastructure, Pharmaceutical, manufacturing industries, Businesses and Service Sector.
5 Association Membership Not-for-profit organisations, Trade Promotion Associations, Chambers and Councils and Marathi or Maharashtra Mandal’s or organisations.
6 Patron Category
By Invitation
Enterprises, Entrepreneurs, Business Tycoons, Thought Leaders, Sr. Executives from SMEs, MNCs, Corporate, FIs, Education Institutes & high profile Individuals.

• Enrolment as the Member in potential group as per the category applied for
• Free subscription for Newsletters
• Information on various events, activities, interactive meetings and programmes
• Participation opportunity in various activities of the Association
• Potential business and investment opportunity enquiries
• Complimentary participation as per category of Membership
• Advisory Services for Joint Venture, Technology Transfer and Contract Manufacturing
• 20% discount on participation fee in various Conferences and activities
• Information on incentives and schemes of Government Departments
• Support of the Association for resolve issues of the Industry or individual company
• Opportunity to participate in networking meet with Overseas Delegations
• Recommendation letter for business visa
• Recommendation letter to the banks and financial institutions for finance
• Advisory services for business growth, export promotion and import facilitation
• Eligibility for applying “Entrepreneurship and Business Excellence Awards”
• Certificate of Membership

1. Membership will be considered according to company’s credentials.
2. Membership advantages will depend upon membership categories.
3. Support services and assistance will be provided as per the requirements of the members on case-to-case basis.
4. The service charges and fees will depend on assignments undertaken by the Association or its Associates in India and abroad.
5. In an event of cancellation / discontinuation of membership all the above benefits will become null and void.

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